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Emergency Readiness
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Emergency  Medicine Interest Group
Heeding the siren’s call
Students earn Living Our Values Award for encouraging future doctors to practice emergency medicine (03.31.2009)

Julie Harness
Studying stem cells
Julie Harness leads a student group that supports young stem cell researchers (03.16.2009)

Dr. Jack J. Lin
Monitoring epilepsy
Dr. Jack Lin employs new technology to pinpoint raging storms deep in the brain (02.06.2009)

Sue Ahearn
Directing medical theater
Sue Ahearn trains tomorrow’s doctors using the time-honored tools of the stage (01.20.2009)

Toni Pusateri
Cruising toward calm
Shaky economy has more people turning to Dr. Toni Pusateri for help with anxiety (12.08.2008)

Joyce Keyak
A bone to pick
Joyce Keyak takes her expertise in engineering and orthopedics to help treat cancer (12.01.2008)

Dr. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin
Rearing twins: Top 50 tips
Dr. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin shares her knowledge, both as a pediatrician and as a M.O.M. (mother of multiples) (11.19.2008)

Dr. Neil Jones
UCI recruits new director for hand surgery center
Dr. Neil Jones, orthopedic surgeon, talks about his pioneering work in toe-to-hand transfer surgeries (11.10.2008)

Dr. Ping Wang
Diabetes skyrockets in US
Annual treatment cost of $174 billion adds to healthcare burden (11.03.2008)

Ling Lin
Retrieving sight
Research looks at how brain adapts when what you see isn’t what you get (10.27.2008)

Ashkan Akasheh
Healing hearts in rural China
Summer stint in rural China combines research with adventure (10.20.2008)

Dr. Wadie Najm
Natural remedies: help or hype?
Doctor urges patients to carefully evaluate natural remedies and supplements (10.20.2008)

Nathan D. Wong
Healthy heart advocate
Spreading the word about cardiovascular disease, its causes and prevention efforts is Nathan Wong’s way of saving lives (10.13.2008)

Susanne Phillips
Calling all nurses
UCI’s nursing science program is filling the gaps in nurses’ ranks (10.06.2008)

Dr. Thomas Ahlering
Keeping it cool
Ahlering uses hypothermia to boost quality of life for prostate surgery patients (10.06.2008)

Linda Gigliotti
Trimming the fat
No single program works for everyone, but moderation in all things is a good start (09.29.2008)

 White Coat Ceremony
Dressing up doctors
Ceremony for new medical students marks first step in lifelong journey as healers (08.14.2008)

Charles Vega
Focus on cariño
Dr. Charles Vega leads the effort to improve Latino healthcare at his Santa Ana clinic and across the nation (08.11.2008)

Devin K. Binder
Life, interrupted
Dr. Devin K. Binder conducts advanced surgery to free epilepsy patients from debilitating seizures (06.30.2008)

Eric Silman
ER advocate
Eric Silman named outstanding medical student for promoting emergency medicine (06.16.2008)

Claudia  Kawas
Extreme aging
Dr. Claudia Kawas studies the oldest of the old in Laguna Woods (06.04.2008)

Donald Holm
Blueprint for success
A conversation with University Hospital construction manager Donald Holm (06.04.2008)

Beverly Cho
Healing the generation gap
Beverly Cho spearheads programs to encourage her fellow medical students to spend time with seniors (04.02.2008)

Psychiatry & Human Behavior –  Neuropsychiatric Outpatient Services
A sense of dignity
Administrative assistants at UCI’s Neuropsychiatric Outpatient Services ensure patients receive care and respect (03.03.08)

Dr. Philip J. Di Saia
Helping women, saving lives
Dr. Philip J. Di Saia offers hope – and improved care – to patients with gynecologic cancers (02.04.2008)

Dr. Frank Meyskens Jr.
Versed in healing
For poet Dr. Frank Meyskens, inspiration can strike anywhere – even the hospital construction site (12.17.2007)

Gerald Maguire
Getting the words out
Dr. Gerald Maguire has personal reasons for devoting his life to the research and treatment of stuttering (11.19.2007)

Ellen Olshansky
Nursing a vision
A conversation with nursing science director Ellen Olshansky (11.19.2007)

Jennifer Alloo
A sense of purpose
Jennifer Alloo followed an unlikely path to UC Irvine School of Medicine (11.13.2007)

Julia Rich
In good hands
Caring nurses like Julia Rich have earned accolades for University of California, Irvine Healthcare (11.05.2007)

Aaron Kheriaty
Faith and healing
Led by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, UCI’s Psychiatry & Spirituality Forum opens up rare dialogue among people of differing beliefs (07.16.2007)

Prime time
Pioneering medical education program bridges cultural divide (06.25.2007)

David Marrero
Taking on a killer
UCI alumnus David Marrero is both a patient and powerful foe of diabetes (06.25.2007)

Kristi Koenig
Damsel of distress
Dr. Kristi Koenig travels the world preparing people for worst-case scenarios (06.25.2007)

Yujuan Choy
No fear
UCI psychiatrist Dr. Yujuan Choy helps patients overcome crippling anxieties (06.04.2007)

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