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John Graham
Multigenerational living is the wave of the future
John Graham’s book, "Together Again," presents a guide for households shared by three or more generations (12.15.2008)

Jim Largent
Mentoring in physical science
Successful businessman Jim Largent will work with promising students (11.17.2008)

Peter Navarro
UCI expert discusses Fed rate cut
Business school professor Peter Navarro analyzes the Federal Reserve’s emergency interest rate cut (10.08.2008)

Kerry Vandell
Financial matters
Vandell explores the first cracks in the struggling U.S. economy (09.29.2008)

Stem Cell Awareness Day
UCI joins CIRM in observing Stem Cell Awareness Day

Jorg Meyer
Science by fire
Scientific glassblower Jorg Meyer has contributed to chemistry discoveries for more than four decades (08.25.2008)

James Hicks
‘WALL-E’ and the professor
Biologist James Hicks plays a behind-the-scenes role in Disney/Pixar’s popular animated movie (07.23.2008)

Adriana Mejía Briscoe
Giving students their wings
Evolutionary biologist Adriana Mejía Briscoe studies butterflies while helping launch young researchers’ careers (07.14.2008)

Tracy Caldwell
Returning to earth
Peter the Anteater’s back at UCI – after a trip aboard the space shuttle with astronaut Tracy Caldwell (11.19.207)

Isaac Straley
Patrolling UCI’s Internet borders
For Isaac Straley, IT security manager, defending the campus’s computer network requires constant vigilance (09.10.2007)

Donald Beall
Centered on innovation

Tammy Smecker-Hane
Sky’s the limit
Observatory director Tammy Smecker-Hane handles all kinds of questions on the cosmos (04.02.2007)

Joe Adams
Dino might
Alumnus Joe Adams has big dreams for science center (10.16.2006)

Martha Mecartney
Engineering attention
Professor of the Year Martha Mecartney goes out on a limb to liven up the classroom (05.24.2006)

Donald Blake
Out of thin air
A conversation with atmospheric chemist Donald Blake (05.19.2006)

Brian Hart
From the classroom to the coffeehouse
Science Café director Brian Hart mixes lattes and lectures (11.07.2005)

Peter Burke
No small feat
UCI's nanotechnology breakthroughs are tiny but critical steps toward improved health care, communications (10.26.2005)

James McGaugh
Thanks for the memories
UCI neuroscientist James McGaugh recalls the campus’s pioneer days (10.24.2005)

Ken Janda
Bringing good chemistry to Academic Senate
Ken Janda is new leader of Irvine division (09.20.2005)

Duncan Luce
Risky business
Predicting human behavior is no sure thing, but it earned Duncan Luce the National Medal of Science (06.07.2005)

 California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
Exponential gains
With a unique approach and new, state-of-the-art facility, Calit2 pioneers advances in electonic communications (01.28.2005)

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI)
Innovation Inc.
Entrepreneurship program turns business students' visions into real-world ventures (09.24.2004)

Adam Summers
In toon with biological sciences
Adam Summers revels in spreading fervor for his field (09.01.2003)

Debra Richardson
Climbing high
From her vantage, Debra Richardson sees computer technology transforming society for the better (11.26.2002)

Henry Pontell
Corporate crime and punishment
Henry Pontell calls white-collar corruption 'more damaging' than common crime (11.26.2002)

Gregory Benford
Frozen species, deep time, and marauding black holes
It all goes with the territory for Gregory Benford, a mild-mannered professor who doubles as the working physicist's science-fiction writer (08.30.2002)

David Blake
Focused on the future
David Blake thinks tomorrow's corporate leaders need information, technology ... and flexibility (08.30.2002)

Bruce Blumberg
Inquiring minds
Bruce Blumberg gives undergraduates a firsthand look in his laboratory (08.29.2002)

Larry Overman
The maestro of molecules
Larry Overman conducts research in more than one sense of the word: In the creation of new molecules, he orchestrates chemical reactions to produce symphonic results (08.29.2002)

Thomas Carew
Memories in the making
Thomas Carew finds keys to the cellular biology of learning in a simple marine mollusk (08.29.2002)

Jone Pearce
Productivity payoff
Organizational expert Jone Pearce is shaping the future of management research and education (08.29.2002)

Pierre Baldi
Revealing rhythms
Pierre Baldi uses math – and music – to help transform reams of research data into biological breakthroughs (08.29.2002)

William Sirignano
Rocket man
Researcher William Sirignano knows combustion inside and out (08.29.2002)

Jose Solorio
The sky's the limit
Alumnus Jose Solorio is Councilman for Ward 1 in the City of Santa Ana (08.29.2002)

Gary Singer
Vital links
Gary Singer '74 drives home UCI's impact on the community (08.29.2002)

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