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Jim Danziger
Danziger inspires, blazes trails at UCI
Jim Danziger honored for achievements in teaching and research (05.06.2009)

Wayne Sandholtz
Pirates continue attacks off East African Coast
UCI expert available for interviews about this breaking news story: Wayne Sandholtz, political science professor (04.16.2009)

Jon Wiener
On the air
Jon Wiener offers interviews, commentary during “The 4 O’Clock Report” on KPFK 90.7 FM (04.13.2009)

Carrie Carmody
Getting in their Facebook
What’s grad student Carrie Carmody doing now? Exploring how adolescents socialize on the Net (03.02.2009)

Ruben Hipolito
Scout’s honor
Undergraduate Ruben Hipolito will present Boy Scouts’ 'Report to the Nation’ to President Obama (02.23.2009)

Pamela Ruiz
Street-wise scholar
Pamela Ruiz studies ways to end gang strangleholds in Honduras and the U.S. (02.17.2009)

Matthew Beckmann
President Obama pushes the stimulus bill
Matthew Beckmann studies how presidents push their policy proposals in Congress and the consequences of partisan polarization (02.11.2009)

Hadia Hakim
Fostering human rights
Carter Center internship allows honors student to study life in Middle East refugee camps (12.08.2008)

Tracy Wu ’08
Tracking human trafficking
Tracy Wu’s research gave her an education not found in textbooks on exploitation in poor, desperate communities (11.17.2008)

Moran Cohen
Perspectives on peace
Olive Tree Initiative gives Dalai Lama Scholar Moran Cohen greater insight into Middle East conflict (11.10.2008)

Michael Flores
From soldier to scholar
Student hopes to pursue a career in public health after serving as medic in Iraq (11.05.2008)

Ali Malik
Extending an olive branch
Dalai Lama scholar Ali Malik helps open up campus dialogue about bringing peace to the Middle East (11.03.2008)

Jessica  Utts
Supernatural conclusions
Jessica Utts applies statistics to parapsychology (10.27.2008)

Cristian Martinez
Crossing over
For undergraduate Cristian Martinez, research opens doors to a promising career – and new life (10.20.2008)

Heather Goldsworthy
Fighting poverty, protecting the planet
Heather Goldsworthy hopes to show that economic development and environmental protection can coexist (10.13.2008)

Etel Solingen
Etel Solingen’s Nuclear Logics receives top book award in political science
‘Carrot and stick’ theory could help curb proliferation of nuclear weapons (09.24.2008)

Russell Dalton
Obama and the youth vote
Q&A with political science professor Russell Dalton (08.25.2008)

Leo Chavez
The Latino Threat
In his new book, anthropologist Leo Chavez investigates how the media portrays immigrants (07.28.2008)

Roger Walsh
Defying gravity
Dr. Roger Walsh, professor, psychiatrist and philosopher, reflects on the uplifting power of meditation (07.07.2008)

Alice  Silverberg
Numbers game
Math professor Alice Silverberg creates numeric codes to safeguard information (06.092008)

Wei Li
Campus responds to crisis
Led by doctoral student Wei Li, UCI mobilizes an emergency relief effort for victims of the China quake (05.30.2008)

Marissa Jaroscak Oxman
Student thrives on stage and in the ‘courtroom’
Third-year student Marissa Jaroscak Oxman’s performing arts background comes in handy in the mock-trial courtroom (05.27.2008)

David Morris
Tales from the front
David Morris of the M.F.A. fiction writing program offers firsthand look at the Iraq War (05.12.2008)

Michael Ramirez
Changing the world – one cartoon at a time
Michael Ramirez ’84 collects a second Pulitzer for political cartoons that make people laugh – and think (05.05.2008)

Kimberly Snodgrass
Exceeding expectations
Social sciences honors student Kimberly Snodgrass becomes an inspiration to foster children (04.17.2008)

Cecelia Lynch
Conflict resolution
Cecelia Lynch, director of the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies, tackles the tough issues (03.21.2008)

Alice Silverberg
Keeping secrets
Math professor Alice Silverberg specializes in cryptography – creating codes to safeguard information (03.17.2008)

Jack Miles
God’s biographer
After winning the Pulitzer Prize, Distinguished Professor Jack Miles opens a dialogue on scriptures (02.25.2008)

Lindsay Hopkins
Getting the vote out
Alumna Lindsay Hopkins finds her passion as political director of the Democratic Party of Orange County (01.22.2008)

Luis Alejandro Lara
Setting an example
Undergraduate Luis Alejandro Lara makes ‘Dreams of Education’ come true for others (01.14.2008)

John Whiteley
Peace talks
John Whiteley has been on a decades-long quest to find out how – and if – peace can be achieved in the nuclear age (11.26.2007)

John Whiteley
Peace talks
John Whiteley asks how – and if – peace can be achieved in the nuclear age (11.19.2007)

David S.  Meyer
Politics of protest
In his latest book, The Politics of Protest, David S. Meyer analyzes the origins and evolution of protest in the U.S. (11.19.2007)

Deborah Avant
Guns for hire
In wake of the Blackwater incident, Deborah Avant shares her expertise on privatization of the military (10.15.2007)

Ariana Antonio
Anteater in action
Undergraduate Ariana Antonio helps those in need through the Center for Service in Action (10.08.2007)

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