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UC Irvine business school named one of top 25 'techno-MBA' programs in nation by Computerworld

School recognized for focus on information technology for management

Irvine, Calif., October 24, 2001

A comprehensive focus on Information Technology for Management (ITM) has earned the UC Irvine Graduate School of Management a spot once again on Computerworld magazine's list of the top 25 "techno-MBA" programs in the nation.

Based on nominations submitted by national recruiters and business school leaders, the top 25 list published in the Oct. 22 issue of Computerworld also includes such schools as Wharton and Kellogg and two other University of California business schools-Anderson at UCLA and Haas at UC Berkeley.

Computerworld listed the top 25 schools alphabetically rather than ranking them by number as it had done in previous surveys. UCI was ranked 5th in the last techno-MBA survey conducted in 1999 and 19th in 1997.

UCI's Graduate School of Management is ranked among the top 25 of the nation's more than 700 business schools by Computerworld because of a focus on ITM that was introduced in 1996 and has since been incorporated across all business disciplines, from accounting and finance to marketing and organizational strategy.

"The harnessing of information and technology on behalf of scientific and commercial breakthroughs is the driving force for growth in our economy, and the school's ITM focus-combined with a solid foundation in the fundamentals-gives our MBAs the knowledge and tools they need to lead this process in any business environment," Dean David H. Blake said. "The Computerworld ranking affirms the value of the school's distinctive approach to management education and the high quality of our MBA program."

The school offers a variety of ITM electives as well as unique ITM labs that give students hands-on experience with the latest information systems used in business today. Following are some examples of these electives and labs that demonstrate the broad scope of ITM:

  • Electronic Business
    This course focuses on how to manage networked organizations in the digital economy. It examines the impacts of the Internet on companies and industries, especially how the Internet changes the way in which goods and services flow through the value chain from manufacturers to consumers. These changes are fundamentally transforming brick-and-mortar companies. Future managers and executives (including those who work in traditional industries) need an in-depth understanding about such threats and opportunities in a business world that is increasingly digital.
  • Social and Political Implications of Information Technology
    The rapid increase in technological advances has unanticipated consequences that have become issues of great importance: privacy, taxation/regulation of the Internet, censorship, misinformation, the 'digital divide,' community building. There is an emerging literature on these topics, much of which is unfamiliar to IT-focused managers. This class provides an overview of these topics in order to help managers anticipate problems and develop solutions.
  • Lincoln Mercury ITM Lab in Marketing
    Students learn about current trends in marketing information systems, specifically the growing availability of consumer and marketing data at the disaggregate or "micro-level" (the level of a neighborhood or market). They learn to analyze demand for products and services by neighborhood or retail trade area and to use this information to make strategic and tactical decisions about retail site locations, micro-merchandising of shelf space, targeted advertising and localized price reductions. Students get extensive, hands-on experience with two widely used and sophisticated marketing information systems: 1) A Scanner Data System called "Sales Analyzer" from Oracle that is used in conjunction with supermarket scanner data provided by Hunt-Wesson and Information Resources, Inc., and 2) A Geographic Information System called "MapInfo with TargetPro" from MapInfo that is used in conjunction with several consumer, business and mapping data sets provided by Polk, GDT, Acxiom and Mediamark Research, Inc. (MRI).
  • Accounting ITM Lab
    While designed primarily for managers of a start-up or small firm, this course provides skills necessary to managers in any size firm. The lab demonstrates how concepts learned in the financial accounting course are applied in an existing company's computerized accounting system. Students get hands-on experience working with a popular commercial-level accounting software package. Students also obtain experience actually running a young growing company. An interactive software product is used to simulate how a manager must make operational choices based on financial and non-financial information.

The Graduate School of Management has created an unusual administrative position-an assistant dean for ITM-to help incorporate this focus throughout the curriculum.

The school's graduates are using their knowledge of ITM in New Economy companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Intel as well as in traditional firms such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boeing and Johnson & Johnson.

UCI's management school has consistently been ranked among the top 50 in the nation by BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report and Financial Times. The school is ranked 1st internationally by Financial Times for its ITM focus. The school also is ranked 1st for overall value in a recent Wall Street Journal survey of recruiters.


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